Veneering with Animal Glue: A Makers Year 85



Veneering with Animal Glue:  A Makers Year 85

Well, we are making some progress.  Daren was in over the weekend to put these veneers together for the interior of the tool box lid.  We have chosen Figured Sycamore, Mahogany and Maple as the three veneers to use . I wanted Satinwood but Daren suggested that it would be hard to cut cleanly. He works dry cutting and taping up veneers like this . I work wet and warm so the veneers are more plyable for me.




Cutting Gauges

A good cutting gauge is essential for this part of the work. A cutting gauge like this is on Chris Schwarzs tool list and its one my list. Rowden students should have one, and we will have in our tool boxes a cutting gauges for each of our guests. Make sure the wheel is stoned sharp and can be ” reversed to cut both sides of the line” I like this Veritas mortice gauge and use it for all my cutting work as it has two stems with cutters that have bevels on different sides. Problem solved.




Marking Out Tool

Veneering need lots of usually workshop made cutting and marking out tools. This is one of them that you will see at Rowden this Summer. It uses the Veritas trammel bar and heads. This is an expensive bit of kit but it is good. See how the heads are fitted to a workshop made bar that supports the blade of a standard knife. The other end has a point that fits in the stock OFF CENTRE. this is great because it can then be adjusted to create a second line exactly the width of that ebony string away from the first line..




More to come my dears


very best

david savage



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