Veneering with hot glue A Makers Year 84

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Up to our ears in Tulip Wood or Magnolia depending on where you come from. Never mind the name we have stacks of it filling up the machine shop. Jon, Michael, Ed and Daren are all putting in evenings and weekends to get this processed so we wont be monopolising machines and getting grumpy students.




We should have it all cut to size ready for panels to be glued up next week . They then go for thickness sanding ( Heresy Oh, Herasy. ) and will be stickered in the bench room for three weeks to acclimatise . The Magnolia is good reasonably priced timber for this kind of job that will dovetail well and take paint nicely . Some of you will paint, some won’t its up to you. All the old tool chests were painted on the outside usually a semi matt battleship grey. (very dull can I have mine pink please.) We will have the paint all ready for you, but no pink.

We are having a lovely time getting tools and hardware together for you. How hard can it be to buy ten heated glue pots? Pretty hard as it happens. We only found ONE supplier and he was out of stock but so helpful in getting our order made up for us and mailed from the USA. I hope they are dispatched next week , we will see!

You will need to have good metal straight edge a 600mm one will do fine. The back of the blade will ned a strip of masking tape down it. This prevents contact with the veneer and tannin reaction (Oak is very bad at this) The blade below that looks like leopard skin is my old straight edge treated this way .




Veneer Saws

I am buying a few of these in for our guests but it feels like I am cornering the world market in Veneer saws . All Rowden students should have their own .

The Axeminster PT   Victor veneer saw is pretty basic and not too expensive. This is £14.99.




It needs sharpening  in order to do the job (dont they all ) and we will talk about that on day 1, of week two  .

Veneer Hammers

The plan will be that half of the group will be working with Daren on dry lay ups probably doing the complex work on the panel for the lid. The other half will work with me doing the covers for the tills using animal glue and a veneer hammer.

All Rowden students should have a veneer hammer. Its easy to make, come and see mine for a pattern . I will however be buying in if i can find them eight hammers to make sure that we will have enough hammers for veneering at any one time.

The key quality is that the blade should be non rusting metal and quite firm and smooth . The hammer is stored in a bucket of warm water when being used, but not in use. Brass is very good. A thick strip of brass that will retain the heat and not chill the veneer is good.This is held in a stock and a handle fitted to the stock . Avoid metal veneer hammers that will rust be expensive and be a pain.

I was going to say “this is one I have seen that we may buy” . However finding a good veneer hammer is proving difficult.  Daren went pale when i suggested make a batch of veneer hammers……..


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