Student Furniture Makers Work: A Maker Year 92

200 Words - Posted on 10th August 2015

Paul chiltons hall table

Student Furniture Makers Work

Paul came a long way to spend a year with us at Rowden. He came all the way around the world with his partner Gemma from Australia. Not that there are people who could have taught him to make in Australia, but what we offer here at Rowden seemed to Paul to be worth the trip.

Now we get to see what he came for. Paul is about three quarters of his way through this very intensive 50 week course. He has done everything we told him to do , and more. Paul is quick and bright but he is also a grafter, he works hard and when you do that magic happens.

All of the basic projects we insist students do are done in the first few months, then they can make what THEY choose to make . Often it will be something to learn a particular technique or skill . In this piece Paul has created a sunburst veneer on the table top but then gone on to create a marquetry image on the sides of the table.

Head on over to his website to check out his blog and see more of his beautiful woodwork design here!

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