Some more beautiful student furniture

Today it is my pleasure to show you more work which has been made in the workshops. Firstly we have Jack Pawsey. Jack is on the second six months of his 50 week designer maker course and is proving to be a very quick yet precise maker. After creating his woodworking bench and jewellery box he quickly moved on to creating his own writers desk.

Writers desk made by a student on our furniture making courses

Made from American Black Walnut Jack has created a simple yet very sophisticated writers desk. The geometric aspects of this piece are consistent throughout it’s design and execution which makes the aesthetics and craft so beautiful. The drawer, pictured below, is made from Maple and showcases some very precise dovetail joins.

Close up detail of dovetails for a students writing desk

Jack has now moved on from the desk and is now mocking up some design ideas for a cabinet. Much alike Jamie (in our previous blog) Jack has learnt to use CAD which has helped him take his drawn designs and put them in a 3Dimensional space to see what his designs look like. I’m sure you will be hearing more from us about Jack later on in the year.

Rose Carter-Stout

Rose was a student from our 50 week designer maker course and is now on as a member of staff helping out new students on the short courses. Alongside this she is renting bench space and creating wonderful pieces in between teaching. Her latest work was this beautiful box made from Macassar Ebony and steamed Pear.

Box made by former student Rose. Made from Macassar Ebony and steamed Pear

Marquetry design made by student from Macassar Ebony

What’s in the box?

This beautiful piece showcases a few of her great skills as a fine furniture maker. The Macassar Ebony marquetry design on the top is really subtle and elegant fitting well with the overall piece. Inside the box Rose has created lots of wood samples. A great idea, a concept that makes this piece one of it’s kind in the workshop.

Wood samples made by rose carter stout inside her box

Wood samples made by Rose Carter-Stout from her box

Rose continues to rent space and is currently working on creating a bed. I’m sure you will see more of her work in the future.

We have lots more work to show you next week, stay tuned.

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