Inpursuit of Imperfection. The Uffizi Gallery Part 2

I have been thinking about what I experienced and what I wrote about my recent visit to the wonderful Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

I think that will be my last visit to this wonderful place. Idiots with cameras now predominate and the experience of being shunted about the corridors like cattle is a depressing one. I love the Uffizi it is one of the worlds great places to visit. But it is now a delight stirred into and transformed to nightmare.

I do however have an answer. My solution to the problem is three fold . First I would ban all cameras in the gallery. You would no longer be able to take a selfie with the Leonardo.  Secondly as an act of public deterrence I would hang by the neck anyone, male or female young or old, with a selfie stick on their person within the gallery. I would hang them from the first floor windows of Palazzo Vecchio. The Medici did this regularly, and it served them well. I follow their excellent example.

Secondly I would demand that anyone seeking to attend the gallery sit an exhibition admission exam. If you did not know who Donatello was, go away. Fail to identify the artist responsible for “Girl on a Half Shell” go away. Fail to answer , oh I could have so much fun with this. I could make it so hard only myself and a few erudite souls would be allowed to wander the corridors.

Way to go


David Savage


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