A Wonderful Former Student : A Makers Year 87



Ian Milnes Part two

After making the Vanity unit Ian started on a chair. most people do a simple chair before going into a complex chair. Thats the smart way. Ian chose the path more adventurous. He wanted to make a rocking chair. That is hard enough as the point of balance, the place where the chair sits with you in it, cannot be worked out without a full size prototype . This is essential if the chair is to be a good rocker that moves and rocks with just a slight movement of the head.

Not only this but Ian wanted the chair to fold up into a flat small package like a deck chair.


ian milnes chair


To accomplish this Ian went off to learn Rhino Cad with a wonderful company called Simply Rhino. This is a good CAD package that will talk to all the CAM production machines that Ian wanted to use later in the process.   We show and teach Rhino at Rowden and can get a full service £2000 package for a student discounted price of £170 plus VAT. But this is a big programme and Ian had to master it to do the kind of work he wanted to do to work this out.

But he didn’t do the full size prototype.

What he did was this ……..




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