A Makers Year 100! Chris Schwarz Summer School

Well it’s finally here! The 100th Makers Year entry.

We’re halfway through the second and final week of Chris Schwarz’ Summer School which means we’re onto the veneer detailing. David has been updating you with the use of hide glue for the veneers. So here are some visual updates for you guys from this week.

david veneer

David cutting up the veneer for the border in Mahogany.

will using a cutting knife

Will Newman using a cutting knife to mitre the corners of his Mahogany so that they’re a clean cut fit.

panel veneer

Scalpel veneer detail

The scalpel needs to be really sharp, we recommend changing the blade often so that you can get a clean cut.

mahogany veneer detail

Sycamore and Mahogany veneer in place with the Ebony lining for detail. Alongside David’s tutorial with hide glue, Daren was taking another group of students through the sunburst veneer detailing. This includes a much more precise eye for cutting the shapes of veneer out.

Daren working on sunburst veneer

He used a metal stencil which had the shape of the radius he wanted to cut. This was screwed to the MDF board as a jig so that he could then use the scalpel to cut the shape he needed from the veneer.

Daren working the scalpel

This is what the students will be aiming to create. The ‘shading’ on the veneer is created by dipping it into sand which had been heated up. This tans the wood and makes for a much more dynamic look to the design.

Sunburst veneer detail


More to come tomorrow!


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