A French Polishing Question


I recently received an email from a kind and happy customer of our DVDs and French Polishing kit.

Hi Mr Savage,

First just to say thanks for the great e-mails and the dvd’s on various woodworking subjects ,especially yours on french polishing.
Love the passion and feeling you put across and its the same i feel in your e-mails ,inspirational   keep at it… it make’s a difference .

So this is a piece of dry douglas-fir  french polished with the sample kit .
It’s for a jack plane to hang on the wall and a good opportunity to practice dovetailing  and french polishing.
I followed the dvd  and just keep getting some dull spots and wondered if you have any idea’s…

That’s both types of shellac on it and it’s hard to see because of poor photography but it took a fantastic luster with the first bottle and when
finished  with that.  spirited off and the dull spots  remained so i continued bodying  up with the garnet shellac 2 sessions a day .
That’s finished now but no change with the dull parts ,i followed darrens’ 12 drops on the rubber ,and sanded through the grades of paper .was it the grinding
stage …

I ‘m going to buy more shellac and etc to carry on to get the feel of it and any suggestions welcome.
If you and your family are  in the south of france  your always welcome.

Have a fantastic day

kind regards steve

Hi Steve

Thank you for the kind comments. Here is what I think. To get you guys going we have very thin polish so it may take a while to fill all the pores evenly. Douglas fir is hungry, open pored timber. I wonder, was your surface preparation spot on this may contribute to dry patch issues.

Having said all of that, for a first go you seem to have done a really good job.

Very best


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