What is a Dimbleby?

What is a Dimbleby?

One of the things we don’t do at Rowden is sit the students down in a classroom and lecture them for hours on end. We think time spent being hands-on at the bench is much more productive. What we do offer, however, are ‘Dimblebys’.

Named after the BBC journalist and broadcaster, Richard Dimbleby, the annual Dimbleby Lecture was founded in his memory. These Lectures began back in 1972 and continue to this day. Past presenters  include the likes of Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Bill Clinton and James Dyson.

Our version isn’t quite so high profile! Lasting anything from ten minutes to half an hour, these bite-size chunks of knowledge are usually presented by either Daren or Ed. We cover a wide variety of topics from practical skills to more business-led information.

Daren might cover making dovetails or how to make a piston fit drawer. Or Ed may run a session looking at the various veneering techniques and marquetry. Or if a students has a particular subject they would like to know more about we are more than happy to try and accommodate this.

Fancy a Cuppa?

The Dimbleby’s usually take place during morning tea break. It is important that we are able to cover these topics as part of the course and this small slice of down time is the prefect place to slot them in. There is also always time for questions at the end so everyone leaves with their questions answered. There is very much an open forum feeling to these sessions. And we’re a very friendly bunch so all the students feel completely happy to raise any questions they may have, however big or small. Or to ask for something to be explained again if they don’t fully understand.


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