Time to call a Tape Amnesty

Time for a Tape Amnesty

One of the things we supply students with here is tape – and lots of it. Masking, double-sided, sellotape, even gaffer.  Why? Because it is a vital piece of kit in any good cabinetmaker’s arsenal. It is used for sticking veneers together, for marking out lines on a piece of wood, for preventing breakout when cutting a piece of wood. And so the list goes on. But every so often we have to call a tape amnesty.

We have a ‘tape store’ that the students can help themselves to, but it can make it hard to do a stock take when a multitude of students each has numerous rolls on the go. A couple of weeks ago, I passed by said store. I was pretty sure that we should have a decent amount of stock left but the number of rolls in the store was telling, nay yelling, a different story. Which is when we knew it was time. There was nothing for it.

Return of the tape

And so we called it all back in.

The students came, and they brought tape. They brought back full rolls and half rolls, big rolls and small rolls. Rolls of every every size and denomination came forth, and indeed multiplied. And actually, it turned out we did have tape. Lots of it.

(No student cabinetmakers were injured in this amnesty.)

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