The Rowden Experience

Life on Site

One of the options we are able to offer students coming to study at the Rowden Atelier is the chance to live on-site. This is a great way to reduce the cost of living while studying here. In addition, it allows students to fully immerse themselves in the Rowden experience for the duration of their stay.

Most people that come here do so on their own. Turning up to a new place, not knowing anyone, can be a challenge in itself and the community spirit that exists here does a lot to support the troops. They are able to foster new friendships, discuss that annoying joint that just won’t fit together, or simply sit down, share a meal and have someone to talk to.

Whilst the Machine Room is only open during ‘working hours’, along with the teaching staff, we actively encourage the students to use the workshop in the evenings and at weekends to practice their newly acquired hand skills.

Rowden Atelier surrounding area

Living it Up

We have three caravans that students can live in during their stay here, and there is also the option to bring a tent and camp during the warmer weather. That said, we did recently have one student camp for the full year while he did the Designer-Maker course. He was a hardy Canadian! We also have a TV and kitchen area where the students can cook and socialise together after hours. Just a couple of weeks ago, to celebrate the arrival of our new cooker, one of the students served up a Sunday Roast with all the trimmings for those living on site. That’s the Spirit of Rowden.

The Rowden community is a strong one. It is very much a part of the courses we offer here and we are very proud of it. Roll on the BBQ season!

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