Student feedback after a year here..

Edward Wild joined us on a one year course back in September 2009. He’s now completed his year (although he’s still here renting bench space for a few months!) and he’s kindly taken the time to give us some feedback on his time here. Here are his thoughts:

” A year at Rowden has transformed my life, opening doorways and throwing surprises at me from day one.  It is only as the year ends that I look back and see just how much I have developed as a furniture maker, and how much there is still to learn.  The joints and skills learnt in the first weeks and months now come naturally whilst intricate and complex joints are a challenge to be embraced, not feared.  A great example has been learning to draw; something I thought I could not do before the course, it has transformed how I design and enabled me to convert ideas from mind to paper.

The course offers everything I wanted to learn, and much more, with book after book of notes from the daily ‘Dimblebies’ to the delight and exhaustion of finishing a substantial piece of furniture.  Most can be achieved from the course by not being afraid to ask for help, and advice, either in design and drawing from David or making from Daren and Steeve.

The year in Rowden has been hectic and enjoyable, with flashes of frustration and euphoria.  However, the course offers something not found anywhere else; the opportunity to learn to make furniture, design and draw.  This is not handed out on a plate, you must work hard throughout the course, but what you put in you get out.  If you have the desire and are prepared to put in the effort, a huge life changing year can be achieved.”

Edward made some beautiful pieces whilst he was here, including this retro lounge chair in black walnut. He is now considering a number of options for the next stage of his career and we’re sure he’ll make a success of whichever route he chooses.

Edward's chair


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