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David Savage Summer Workshops

In 2015 we ran a competition to find “The Most Deserving Young Woodworker in the U K” . Not the best but the one that had the most promise and clearly could do with a helping hand. The prize was a week at Rowden and a wonderful tool box made by Chris Schwarz filled with cabinetmakers tools.

Jon teaching katherine on a furniture making course

This went well and we met lots of great young makers , we also met Kathy Mc Connell who won the tool box. She had a workshop to help her and advise her and was making small nice things, she was keeping down two jobs working evenings in a pizza shop and weekends too . She had a bad experience at uni when she went to learn illustration and got no craft knowledge but instead got” conceptual illustration ” WHAT CRAP to give young people.

She was great, but needed a hand . So we made an appeal to the 5000 members on our news list:  can you help pay for a three month course for Kathy . The result was amazing, money poured in not enough to cover the fees, but enough.


Here is what Kathy said after her three months with Rowden

” Thank you so much for the opportunity to come to Rowden. Its been an amazing experience and definitely a major step in my progression. I absolutely love the workshop and its been great meeting and working alongside everyone here. I really cannot express how grateful I am I just hope I can go on and do you proud”.

Thanks again



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