No holds barred censorship

Thank you, David, for these no-holds-barred email newsletters. I agree with you regarding the Lee Valley/Veritas planes. I made the mistake of posting your comments, along with mine, on a popular US woodworking forum and was promptly banned by the moderators as it is a forum visited frequently by Rob Lee of Lee Valley,

and they brook virtually zero criticism of Lee Valley’s products. Rob made the claim, basically, that it was “impossible for fully stress relieved ductile iron to move in service.” I attempted a more or less gentle retort that perhaps something went awry in the process. That didn’t go over very well at all.

I attempted to make the argument that your comments, as coming from an obviously highly accomplished and influential (if not ‘famous’) furniture maker, ought to be taken very seriously. Unfortunately, it was all passed off (and the thread ultimately deleted) as your disengenous bias on behalf of Clifton. I think this, of course, is hogwash.


Charles Stanford

Hi Charles
So you are the cause of my fame. I have been getting calls from Veritas suppliers here in the UK asking “why I was so rude about Veritas”. They are sending me three planes to check, and review which will I guess be pre-checked and very flat.
Can you give me the copies of your posting and especially Rob’s reply. Like Tom LN he is a nice guy but doesn’t like criticism and to admit that he cannot control ductile cast steel is a step forward. We have never supported any tool munufacturer and have sent back 2 Clifton planes this year so your exchanges with Rob are important.

All the best


I should also say that I REALLY APPRECIATE your tool reviews. I believe what you say and I believe you are totally unbiased and on the side of the woodworker and not beholden to any particular tool manufacturers.




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