New Short Courses For 2007

One Month Courses.

In response to repeated requests from many of you we are now in a position to offer a few places for one month courses in 2007. The content of this short course is for absolute beginners and broadly follows the same work we do with our students on our one year course. You will be in a small group of no more than four or five, so individual attention is guaranteed. During the month you will become a full member of this creative and focused teaching workshop and enjoy the daily Dimblebie Lectures during teabreak on varied subjects from veneering to sharpening a cabinet scraper and from selling furniture to compiling P R hand outs.

Your work will cover choosing and using planes, chisels and marking out tools. You don’t need to already own a bundle of tools to do the course, we have those here, but you will be able to bring your own tools and we will help you to set them up to work better and teach you how to use them properly. People that visit the workshop are amazed at the quality of work that someone can produce in a short time given sharp tools and a little training. You could do work just as well as them. These courses cost Two Thousand Five hundred Pounds Sterling and one place only is available in June and one in September. Please contact our office if you would like to spend a month learning from David Savage and Daren Millman who together have over fifty years experience in this wonderful business. Learn from the best in the biz in a great professional workshop in the beautiful North Devon countryside
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