Modern British hand tool manufacturers just don’t seem to “get it”

Good morning to you David,

It’s refreshing to hear what a useful review should tell you all of the time, warts and all.
It has baffled me for some time why the remaining British manufacturers just don’t seem to either get it or be bothered to achieve it, as with Sorby in this case or Marples et al who seem to constantly fall short of the mark now being set by others.

However, there is some hope for us all!

With notable commentary such as yours, they might start to realise that “maybe we have got it wrong!” and if that fails we will have to keep putting it right ourselves, but at least we can now do it on a glorious British Summertime morning like today.

Thanks for your ongoing inspiration.

Aspiring Woodworker

Hi David
Thank you for your e-mail, you are right, they need to see that things have moved on and we wont accept nonsense any more, we know too much and we talk to one another.
kind regards
david savage


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