Life in a caravan

Life in a caravan

One of the great things about studying at Rowden has to be the option of living on-site. Not only do you reap the benefits of spending your days surrounded by the beautiful Devon countryside, but you also have so much more time to make. For me, it was all about the caravan. Having sold my house prior to beginning the course, I  bought myself a two-berth caravan, hitched it to my car and set off for the south-west. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

The transition from living in a city surrounded by people to living on a farm surrounded by fields is a fairly major one. And it took some getting used to, but once your body – and more importantly, your mind has slowed down, there really is no going back.

Making a change

If you’d asked me beforehand whether I could go from living in a 3-bed house to a caravan, for a whole year, the answer would have been a resounding NO. But this was not the case. Not only did I manage it, I bloody loved it. Life was just so much simpler. Fewer things means fewer things to go wrong. Less stuff also means less stuff to worry about. I absolutely thrived on the simplicity of it all.

And to top it off I was living on-site, outside the workshop, which meant I could pop in at any time and just crack on. I was one of only a couple of people based on-site so when everyone else disappeared home at the end of the day, all I had to do was grab a quick bite in the ‘van, and head back into the workshop. Most of the time, I was on my own, with just the stereo for company  – and good old Stanley, my dog. It was bliss.

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