The best three months of your life (maybe)!

The best three months of your life (maybe)!

There have been a number of students taking up the three-month course here recently. And it is not hard to see why it has become so popular. Thirteen weeks is a fantastic length of time to really immerse yourself in the culture of Rowden. This course teaches a student all the core skills that form the necessary key principles of high quality, bespoke cabinetmaking.

Take Phil, for example, pictured above with the three pieces he made while studying here. Phil came to the course with a bit of experience and was looking to develop his skills and apply them to a handful of challenging projects. Projects that he may be able to use in the future to demonstrate his newly learnt abilities.

One of the great things about all our courses is that you do not need to come with any skills at all. This is because every student  is taken through the basics to start with:- how to sharpen your tools, making a cross-halving joint, a pair of winding sticks, a pair of book-ends and a breadboard.

Students then go on to design and make a jewellery box, complete with dovetails and inserts. They then have the opportunity to design a project that could cover any number of skills including carcass construction, frame and panel construction, doors, piston-fit drawers and finishing techniques.

Phil chose to make a jewellery box, a marquetry box and a small cabinet. I think you’ll agree that this is a considerable achievement by someone with no formal training in just three short months.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Three Month Intensive Woodworking course, please get in touch. Courses run throughout the year but do get booked up so don’t leave it too late!

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