Greetings from Down Under

Hi David,

Greetings from Down Under.
I agree with everything you have said about creativity and inspiration.
I do my best to design and make furniture – I have use of a workshop (sadly for only four hours a week), fine tools and a fantastic mentor in Richard Crosland, who makes some amazing pieces himself.

In my day job I work with busy executives and one of my objectives is to help them achieve breakthrough thinking strategies.
I have found that most adults, in the corporate world are crippled by the fear of the result and impact of thinking differently.
You may be aware of the following two notable authors, however, I think that they provide excellent research on your insights that

1. When we draw, we don’t draw what we see, we take mental shortcuts to replicate iconic images from our childhood, and
2. Geniuses are not born.

1. Betty Edwards has a great book and methodology “Drawing on the Right side of the brain” and here’s a link fyi

2. Malcolm Gladwell has some interesting views on this, particularly in his book ‘Outliers’.
He has a concept called 10,000 hours, in which he asserts that no one has become a master in any sport, craft or art without first investing 10,000 hours.
He also talks about a number of other factors which really is what I call breakthrough thinking.
See link

If you have come across these fine people before, then please bin this note.

But one final point. I came across the term ‘aleatory’ a few years ago and it relates to the concept of chance in creativity.
Film makers have practiced this by having a number of reels and flipping a coin to determine which one to play next
Musicians apply it and poets acknowledge it as the luck that you experience when searching for that last line or insight.
I’m not sure how you might use this, but from your missives to date, I thought that the stimulus might appeal.

Keep the info coming.

John Boyle
PS I might even send you some photos of my ‘fine’ furniture, on a brave day


Hi John

Thanks for the e-mail.

Yes chance is a big part of the process, creativity is a process a system that you can develop to give you an open mind and a curious nature. We have held two creativity weeks take a look at the Atelier Facebook page we posted updates on a daily basis and we blogged all about it at the end.
all the very best, be brave and send the images.

Enjoy your making

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