French polishing wedding presents

French polishing is one of those techniques that has fallen off the grid a little bit with time which is a shame as it produces such beautifully finished pieces of furniture. Gerald, a customer who bought one of our French Polishing DVDs agrees, and even put it to the test creating a coffee table as a wedding present! What a wonderful present.

Dear Mr. Savage,
A year or two ago, I took advantage of your Christmas offers and bought a bundle of your DVDs. Among them was one on french polishing. I made a coffee table about the same time and left it unfinished for over a year but well protected with a cloth. I had an invitation to a wedding and on the suggested gift list was a coffee table.  So… I just had to get and finish it. I am glad to say how useful I found your DVDs. Yes, it takes a lot of work – but the result is so worthwhile. As with many things in life knowing when to stop is a difficult judgement. In my case I ran out of time and it had to be delivered on the due date. One major thing I learnt was to charge the rubber away from the table. One drop accidentally spilled on the table top took me probably a couple of hours to sand out and dissipate.
I attach a photo of the finished article together with a presentation bow for the wedding. I intended sending you a message of thanks before but have only recently found out how to get a mobile phone picture transferred to my laptop.
Thank you for sharing your experience in your emails
Yours sincerely,
Gerald Matthews

Hi gerald

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to get back to me. I am so pleased to hear when someone gets the hang of using this polish. Good for you man !!

Very best



geralds coffee table present


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