Chair Design : A Makers Year 42

O.K…. its action stations here. One chair prototype is with Mary Holland our expert upholsteress. She came here to see the first chair frame that Daren and I had cobbled together. No thats not fair, Daren made it and i did a lot of arm waving and general complaining.

IMG_1244 (1)

Its always a challenge to keep an upholsterer from inflating your design so it looks like its been blown up with a tyre pump. Mary is very good, she understands that i don’t want that, and works with us to get as near as we can to the shape in my mind.

IMG_1860 (1)

Having sent one prototype of to Mary we are making a second one. I want to give my clients a choice and this will do that. On the second chair we will have a narrower waist to the chair back and a slightly different front to the chair. I may also change the back spat as I didn’t get to see that before the first went to Mary.

IMG_1846 (1)

Tension is in the air, as my clients are scheduled to visit next week. This gives us maybe seven working days to get two decent prototypes to be approved.

The danger is they want to make other changes, this is where their deadline of end of January becomes threatened. At the moment the last job to be finished are the chairs I want to give Mary a full month to finish them which means we have to start the frames NOW.

What people do not appreciate is that one change to one component has a knock on effect on the two components it attaches to . In developing a chair you end up chasing shapes around a prototype, tightening here moving a line there. Going round and round and round.  Moving one element, will involve a complete redesign AND TWO WEEKS LOST.



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