Philadelphia : A Glimpse into Michael Hurwitzs Studio: A Makers Year 35

Michael Hurwitz was the other reason for coming here.


Like Tom Hucker I met him whilst researching my book Furniture with Soul. Unlike Tom, Michael lives in Philly with his wonderful partner Mami.

IMG_1674 - Version 2 (1)

IMG_1676 (1)

We got a chance to see inside Michaels new studio , he has a larger workshop now and i had a chance to meet his two assistants. New equipment to left and right suggest that Michael is working the work. Mamies studio is in a room beyond and we got a chance to see her latest pieces. This woman is amazing. All her pieces take forever to build but have the simple complexity and tenderness of extra ordinary work.

IMG_1680 (1)

We went out to a restaurant and met an artist friend of Michaels in the bar. An evening of cheerful eating, drinking and art ensued. We concluded with a discussion of what was “a Pure Manhattan” This is a delicious drink, if you want to really test a barman this will do the trick. Can you make for me a Pure Manhattan ? This in, scrawly writing, is Michaels recipe. NO CHERRY.

Thank you Michael for hosting this and making it possible.


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