Chair Design 4 A Makers Year 44

Now my lovelies…..  i promised that i would show you as much of the process as i could, whilst being in the middle of it. Right now its very tense, Daren bless his enormous heart stayed up till 1.15 am last night to get this chair ready to go to the upholsterer this morning. Just in time to get it back to show the client.

IMG_1940 (1)

We think we have it by the gizzards but we still don’t know . John, Marys husband is doing the upholstery, and he is pretty good, but I feel it can still go wrong. But we can only wait and see. Monday will tell us. But its too late then .

Tuesday the clients come. This is a high risk high reward strategy. Many makers will not allow clients to visit, as they then see the pudding half baked, and can go off wanting all kinds of silly changes.

IMG_1942 (1)

This is true and this is why I am all stressy and tense. I take a different view. If it is managed well and we are good at that, we can involve the client. We want to pull her into the family, get her close to us but control the potential damage that can happen.

IMG_1938 (1)

In this case my answer will be.  O. K. you want that leg going this way not that.  We will need to make another prototype which is two weeks added on to your already close schedule. Do you want these to go in your container for Dubai first week in February or not??



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