By George, that cat has guts

Meet George, the cat

I’m not sure exactly how long this little fella has been part of the Rowden family but, from the moment he arrived, there was never any doubt that George the cat was here to stay.

He arrived, via Ed, in a cardboard box. So far, so normal. But as he emerged from his box and took in his new surroundings, it was immediately clear that George was in perfect command of the situation. Everything about him says just one thing: ‘yes, I have arrived, and if you have a problem with that you know where you can stick it!”

Everything. From the way he carries himself to the way he completely covered my car in muddy paw prints earlier this week, before settling down on the bonnet for a well-earned snooze.

None of this, however, means he is public property. If he gives you the nod, you may stroke him. If he wants his tummy tickled he might allow it, but be prepared for a killer scratch to follow. And if he is having a bad day, then stay well away! For yes, our dear little feline friend is something of a psycopath. Great for keeping the mice at bay, not so great for the sanity of the dogs.

One thing that George takes great pleasure in is the endless hours he spends mercilessly teasing David’s dogs. All from behind a pane of glass. His head will pop up just long enough to send them wild, before disappearing again until they both calm down. Then, up he pops again…and so it goes on. Poor Bilbo and Laylah are at their wits end after a session with dear old George.

We gladly welcome all manner of well mannered dogs here at Rowden. And we accept George.

Approach him at your peril!


Until next time…



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