A Makers Year 9 Becoming Unplugged.


1st September


Becoming Unplugged.


Carol and I have only just returned from a weeks holiday in Cornwall. A wonderful, refreshing and for us a luxurious week. We’ve not had a holiday for several years as the financial strain of putting two children through education has become the main priority.


I found myself whilst away, quite unusually upset by the idea of being unplugged. I had taken my laptop with me and planned to answer client enquiries and course bookings whilst I was away. One of the last things I did before leaving was to text Carol to “please put my computer lead in your bag”, which of course didn’t happen. So I had 8 hours of power, enough if I’m prudent to manage the week. Nonetheless, certainly not enough time for surfing and fooling around. The hotel couldn’t help me, but they said “Yes you could go into Truro as there would be a shop which would supply you with a lead”.


So I gleefully went in. We had also to take my daughters laptop in to see if it could be mended. I saw the appropriate white box on the shelf of this gleaming computer shop, marched up to the counter and said “Can I have one of these, please”. “Ah, Sir, Is that for a Mac Air?” “No” I said. “Then it’s the wrong lead, Sir”. I”ll go and see if I have one that will fit your machine. At that moment, I felt a little panic setting in. Nothing is rational. Just an uncomfortable sense of fear.


His words were just like the blades of an executioner. “No sir I’m afraid we don’t have any in stock.” I left Jenny and Carol and took my bag and Jennys laptop back to the car. Grumpily feeling “Why do I have to do this?” “Why can’t somebody else carry my bag?” Jennys slight computer problem suddenly exploded into a big issue. “ How come she bust that nice laptop I gave her? As I bent over to put the bag in the car I felt a faint trickle of urine down the inside of my leg. Not much, but enough to damp and show on my blonde summer Chino’s. It was the perfect storm of negativity. It took me a good couple of days to work out what was going on.


And it was this. I couldn’t have that daily, moment by moment feed of PING, Oh, there’s a message for me. PING! Ah, there’s an e-mail, just for me. PING, somebody loves me!

I was on my own, and on holiday. I should be able to do without this. And I was with the people I love, I should be in a position to give them my undivided attention. But like most of us, I’m not that clever that good at it. Note to self. Must try harder to be better and less dependant on these awful habit forming instruments. Walk the dog every day, eat less, and stop being an idiot.


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