A Makers Year 81 The Rhino Room

No, its not where we keep the rhinos.

We have this love hate relationship here with CAD drawing programmes. I love the facilities that CAD gives me, the ability to spin a drawing around and look at it from the back. I hate the way it demands that all issues are resolved before making begins.

So we use a program called Rhino Vers 5 which is a full industrial product that with the addition of a few plug ins can do almost everything one would need to do.

We have an association with our supplier Simply Rhino That gives our students a huge discount on this £2000.00 programme I think we are able to get it for them for about £170 plus VAT which is a full license. This is a stunning facility and i am very grateful to Paul at Simply Rhino for this support.

It is a beast. though it is a much nicer beast than Auto Cad or all the other fully leaded, high octane drawing progs. They, of course will have their adherents e-mailing me about the benefits of this or that.

The essence is that we teach it  in the best way we know which is a small group. This is our resident Digital Artist teaching James, AnneSofie, Michael and Rob.




And here he is on a different afternoon with Daren, Steve Rose and Paul.

The projector shows on the screen out of shot so all can share what the tutor is looking at. The class is weekly for an hour over about sixteen weeks. Larger classes than this stop interaction and prevent you saying “Whats gone wrong here, I don’t understand” .  And its a small enough group to go quicker if you have it taped. Learning the Rowden Way.

May your pixels never back out




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