A Makers Year 75 Its been a while…


Its been a while… When I started this I had goals, to finish and deliver job to Dubai, and an exhibition in Shanghai both now well accomplished. But leaving me a little flat and deflated. Dubai was OK in financial if not creative terms but Shanghai could not in any terms be called a success. An experience, and a worthwhile one, yes , but a success , Oh no! So what is next.

Happily Chris Schwarz is coming this summer to do a two week class with us at Rowden so I have that to plan for and to make good. If I can work it right we all should have a good two weeks of Summer Woody Fun.

Since returning I have found myself buried in admin work, which is my own silly fault.  Firstly going away for a month, and secondly having an assistant who is not really an admin person. Our Digital Artist and his forte is websites and images and stuff a la Artie, but he copes well with packing dvds and sending invoices. Really admin is not his job and doing it is like asking a race horse to pull a plough.

What I have learnt, and in this process I risk making myself useless and redundant, is that I do need a proper manager of paper and details and those silly regulations we must of course comply with. All the stuff that I really can’t become excited about. But someone of a different nature for me would love doing it, would suck it up like it were the best  ancient Armagnac

So today we have initiated a search for “a detail person” someone local who can work part time. Someone who likes devising clever filing systems, who adores spreadsheets, and can find beauty in a bottom line. Someone who doesn’t mind tidying up after artistic krazies. Someone with neat and tidy mind who can put up with the idiots working in the same studio.

This should free up some time and it is time that really matters. We only have one life, at least I think so.  Doing something with that life, with every single moment, seems to matter.  Even if what we are doing with that moment is being silly, one should be being silly with our utmost silliness.

I have an old friend from Australia visiting today, he is coming to see us, but maybe more of a reason he is also coming to ride in my Morgan . Its a summer day in England and what better way could there be to pass the time? We will no doubt have silly hats and driving parafinalia all to amuse, and to remember a lovely day by.

Life with the throttle wide open, and every sensory organ turned up to full reception. Every special moment lived and loved. Thats is the way…..


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