The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal

I don’t think any serious cabinetmaker ever gets blasé about making beautiful furniture as it is a constant source of delight, watching raw wood being slowly turned into something stunning and unique.

It is possible to think that a new piece of furniture is no more than that. It’s just a piece of furniture after all, not a space rocket or a cure for malaria.

But to a client it is often a hell of a lot more than just a piece of furniture. At the very least it is something they will have been waiting on for weeks, if not months. Moreover, it is likely to have been a significant and expensive purchase. It is also the culmination of a long and enjoyable journey with their designer and maker.

So don’t screw up the delivery!

A handmade piece of furniture should be delivered by the maker. You should look smart, not in workshop gear. Also, the piece should be wrapped appropriately, no old duvet, yikes!

But it is very possibly a big occasion to the client, so make an occasion of it. Ed Wild, one of the teachers here at Rowden, makes a point of insisting that the customer is out of the room while the piece is unwrapped, for example. Brilliant! If applicable, remove the piece of furniture your work is replacing. Dispose of any blankets back into your van, give the piece a dust, invite the client in and “Voila!”

Never lose sight of the fact that what we do as cabinetmakers is very rare and very special.

Bespoke furniture, handmade by a skilled craftsman is an incredibly sincere way of providing a highly personalised service to someone who has decided that you, yes, you, have the style and skill to create a work of art for them to enjoy forever. So make the most of it.

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