Students Make Exceptional Furniture

It’s been a while since we have updated the website properly with our most recent student graduate furniture. Not to say that there hasn’t been some beautifully made pieces, far from it. These students have undertaken our One Year Designer Maker course. This is our longest course that we provide here at Rowden and the transformation from their first week to the 50th is phenomenal, which can be put down to enthusiasm and hard work from both the students and our tutors.

AnneSofie Holm Andersson’s handcrafted cabinet

AnneSofie joined us in 2014 and has just finished her course. Coming from a background in Art History she wanted to become more hands on with her creativity and was able to fit in really well here in Devon at our workshop. This is her American Cherry cabinet with Black Walnut legs and Marble top. A really beautiful handcrafted piece.

AnneSofie Holm Andersson with her American Cherry cabinet

AnneSofie's sideboard cabinet


Paul Chilton’s cabinet

You may recognise this piece from a previous post. This is Paul Chilton’s hall table ‘Black Swan’. But what I hadn’t posted was his cabinet (see below).

Our 50 week course is split into two halves. The first Six Months is spent honing your skills and trying to be as accurate as possible. You will undergo set projects which will take you through some of the key skills and techniques needed for your woodworking career. For the second Six Months you have to take the initiative. It’s up to you to design pieces of furniture and create projects for yourself. Paul has taken it upon himself to not only create this beautiful hall table but also created this small cabinet (see below). It’s good to take advantage of the time you have here by doing small projects which cover a lot of the techniques. This was a good learning project for Paul as he created his drawing using Rhino 3D CAD programme to conquer the curved angles of the piece.

Paul Chilton's hall table

Paul Chilton cabinet

Paul Chilton's cabinet detail



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