Shout it from the mountain tops

In response to our newsletter:
Great email! I find myself constantly torn between the desire to make something genuine, unique, handmade, and the ingrown market-trained belief that assembly-line consistency is the ultimate goal. Learning basic woodworking in a cabinet shop and slowly teaching myself to build furniture I am encouraged by your affirmation that ‘perfection’ is a process, not a result…

Love the emails, look forward to seeing your current projects in the Woody Nooz each month.



Hi Benjamin,
It has taken me many years to not feel guilty about making unique pieces. Surely i should be designing for the efficiency of the democratic production market. but why? why design and make with robots. Why design to eliminate human skill and presence in the piece. Instead why not make, but not for production but for people, individuals one at a time not as a mass market. I like making for human beings it makes more sense to me, I will never solve world hunger or hit a mass market but I might make a piece that is beautiful.

All the best,


PS can I put this on the blog??

Feel free to post any of this. Anything that spreads the word about reclaiming lost humanity, beauty, community, should be shouted from the mountain tops!

Thanks for your time,


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