Roz Hartleys Cherrywood Table

It is a sad truth that an industry such as contemporary furniture design, which would greatly benefit from the presence of women practicioners has very few to its name. Soooooo… it is with some pleasure that I am able to tell you about Roz Hartley. Roz has been a student here for nearly a year now, after a successful career in corporate accountancy Roz descided that she would welcome a change of career. We see a lot of people like Roz but very few are women. Roz has worked very hard for this year, it has not been easy for her she has had difficult and hard work and she has been teased without mercy by some of the makers and students here and come back with stuff of equal quality. Within this male environment she has made some exceptionally high quality pieces of furniture as a result of her personal quality and determination and she has made a positive impression on everyone here. When she leaves I will miss one of the nicest students it has ever been my pleasure to share a workshop with, and I know I won’t be alone there. I’m sorry I’m missing your “good bye bash” Roz.

I encourage many students to make pieces of work for real clients. I then ride shotgun on the job seeing the proper process is followed and advising where necessary . The client gets a less than full price job(though not I hope much less) the student gets real world experience and we all benefit from the effect of synergy. The cherry wood dining table seen here is an example of this process in action. A lovely, elegant, beautifully made piece with metal inlays that will be going to a Docklands apartment in London next week.

Roz will be available to take commissions or make variations on this lovely table very shortly contact her on [email protected]


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