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242 Words - Posted on 8th December 2017

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I have an elderly Jewish friend called Solly. “ Nice website you have there David, you sell long courses and short courses” “ Thats right Solly”  “ And you have this lovely group of people that get your e-mails and  like to hear from you” “ Thats right Solly “ But you don’t offer these lovely people the opportunity to buy small things from you, at modest prices. Christmas is coming up? “ No Solly” “Then David you are a Shmuck !”

He is right, so now we have set up a new website that will offer you lots of Rowden Woody Wim Wams. Right now we have antique forged steel chisels all sharpened ready to work . We also have our range of DVDs. We will have Rosewood straight edges and Mahogany winding sticks Rosewood small and large squares and soon we will have our own range of handsaws.

Go see the new site Thom Harris has been doing a great job of making it work better for you.

www. finefurnituremaker/shop


Like all new e-commerce sites we are having techie trouble getting going. UK purchases should go through fine USA and International purchases may not yet add the postage correctly . We are getting this fixed, we are told it may take three days . Try it, it may well have been fixed if the purchase fails I am sorry but try again in three days . This is out of my hands

Your only choice for Woodworkers Christmas Toys

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