Happy Campers

Happy Campers

Anyone who comes to study at Rowden needs accommodation. There are five basic types, and they all are pretty self-explanatory. And they all have their pros and cons.

Rent a house or flat: expensive, but means you can get away from it all – and ideal if there’s more than one of you. 

Rent a room: very civilised, quite a few close by, probably be in a house with other students so you get to share cooking and the “commute”.

Caravan: live on-site, nice private space, and all the luxury of caravan living! This is what I did, and I loved it.

Pitch a tent: A tent is only for the hardy, but each to their own, and I have to say the tenters are a tough breed and seem to really enjoy it.

Rock a Campervan. Now, I reckon I missed a trick when I stayed at Rowden. A campervan has to be the best and most interesting prospect for anyone coming to live in the Southwest for the first time, and for a year. With 50 odd weekends free to do what you will, how exciting would it be to be able to down tools on a Friday afternoon and be off on an adventure for a few nights. 

We have a campervan now and are only just getting our head around how versatile it is.  A trip to a nearby beach for a barbecue and a paddle, no problem. Tour the coastline for a weekend, yes, yes. Bat over to France, mais oui! Once round the whole of Wales, well, why not.

I even think, if you’re smart, you could buy a second hand campervan before the course, live in it for a year, travel a whole load, then clean it up and flog it for more or less what you paid for it! Everyone’s a winner!!

We’re planning our next trip as we speak… map? Check. Dart? check. 

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