Handmade wood furniture – it’s the future!

Handmade wood furniture – it’s the future!

Technology is developing and progressing at breakneck speed – a platitude, it’s so obvious and understood. Our kids won’t learn to drive, train to be accountants or lawyers, or need an actual doctor to perform an operation. On the flip side, looking after the environment will mean they won’t fly on holiday, eat cows or buy cheap disposable tat… at least that last bit is my fervent hope.

Possibly the worst trait of the typical human (and we have a few bad ones, to be sure) is our constant desire to consume, whether it’s the latest fashion, phone  – or even the latest book on how to consume less! But maybe out of necessity we are slowly coming to our senses. The early adopters, us techno geeks of the past, have stopped buying every new iPhone iteration. Now we’re starting to buy ceramics by local artisans, bread baked by a friend, and yes, locally made wood furniture, built to last, with a low carbon footprint to match.

Sometimes it’s re-used furniture, sometimes up-cycled. And there are people out there who look at the fine furniture we make, furniture made by hand, without much technology, furniture built to last decades, and see it is more than just beautiful and stylish, but sustainable and environmentally sound too.

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