Disaster in a Cup. A Maker Year 61

Another “not about woodworking post”. But what the hell life in not that kind.

So,……… you think you are Clever, and it will never ever happen to you. Clever Cloggs. You are too smart to ever spill a cup of anything into your laptop. Thats for F…. Whits. The kind of uncoordinated morons that couldn’t ever do what YOU do!

Well… this is what happen to me. I was zapping my PRAM, on my laptop, as you do. No, my screen had gone black, and I Googled the answer, and i did know that PRAM was. A tiny weenie bit of memory that helped the system, how, is beyond me.

Zapping the PRAM involved a hand streach that would have troubled Rachmaninov. But I did it and my screen came back, HURRAH!! for a few days.

It was the second time I was caught out . I know this clever clogs, Zap the PRAM  oops cup of tea fully tipped up into the keyboard. Well only a moron could do £1500 worth of damage (they tell me)  and please don’t suggest putting my laptop into bag of rice .

The effect has been debilitating. All precious files I was unaware of owning, suddenly became essential to my well being. Access to web pages guarded by my machines memory were suddenly not available and have YOU written them all down somewhere because I haven’t.

My wife cam into her element. Mrs Careful. Mrs, Who Protects Her Identity With A Wall Of Fire. “Well I told you this would happen”

And it has, and I’m still here, as Churchill would say B—gering On!

Toodle ooo.  my dears



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