Community Spirit?

Al Shaver took a personalised Short Woodworking Course here at Rowden back in 2008. Since then he’s been exchanging messages regularly. Here’s the most recent, regarding our budding community spirit:

Hey David,
No surprise that you have a following of hundreds for your newsletters. What other world class designers are nurturing their industry by paying attention to the little guys? You might be surprised how few designers (and we know their names from the likes of Fine Wood Working) took the time to comment on the cabinet in my Facebook posting.

Personally, your musing keep me feeling close to Rowden Farms so I hope you will continue.



Thank you Al, I must admit it is a part of a bigger plan. I see social media and engaging in conversations like this IN PUBLIC as being a way for us to make sure that Rowden is known about more widely. Yet also in the process, answer questions, where we can, from all kinds of folks working at all different levels.

I see guys of my age, and younger, perhaps in a response to feminism, no longer knowing what it should be to be a guy, a bloke. He no longer mends things like my dad did. He no longer tinkers with the car, like my dad did, he no longer makes much stuff in his shop because he cant compete with the perfection of Walmart. This is a thing for us men, get off your comfy chair, stop watching Sky Sport and go make something ANYTHING, its good for you, the chair kills.

And tell us about it, to me you are a hero!

With great affection,


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