A bewildered man…

Hello David,

I’m bewillderd by this part of today’s world, how can some one who’s never designed be a writer on design ? At least Lakshmi had the courage to do something about it and choose to learn properly. One wonders whether Armanda Levete earned more for the talk than the mason did for the job,(being an old cynic) Nice chairs, no doubt Lakshmi will have a far greater understanding¬† of the practicals of design when she leaves you.

Regards Johnnie

Hi Johnnie
You are bewildered!? Me too!! I picked up on Levete as she is a particularly high profile and ambitious example of a trend in design practice. We are the “Design Professional” and everyone else that realizes the image are of lesser consequence. Makes me mad, especially when she is so poor at what she does. CAD is a designer’s tool that encourages easy, slick, and superficial expression and she is right there.
Lakshmi is a part of BARK furniture a brilliant young company that are building a reputation and a nice body of work.
Thanks for the comment always welcome.


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