Walnut & Aluminum Dining Table

A table made to a challenging brief – large enough to occasionally seat twenty, but more useable just for two. It was also requested that it appear ‘to have no legs’; to be floating in the air.

David originally described his approach so:

“The challenge for me was to bring into this modern space, a space with harsh modern dead flat surfaces, something of the organic quality of the garden that was outside….

I went away rather puzzled, but I gave the problem my usual two weeks of thinking time. I always do this, I reflect the brief back to my client asking them have I got this right? This is what it might cost, if you need to tell me anything else, get in touch before I start on the drawings in two weeks.

Ideas need time to gestate in the back of the head…The solution to the big table small table problem was to have two tables. One long, imposing, beast of a table that sat in the middle of the room, and the other smaller table for two that would more usually be placed near the open plan kitchen and living area. The two tables would join together to form one long formal table for twenty when the family came for lunch.”

The centre detail of the table represents a beating heart, the dining table was made from two pieces of walnut with a natural edge to each piece of wood. We simply copied nature and enhanced the way timber grows.

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