Cherry Cabinets

The last piece from David Savage before his passing were these beautiful cherrywood cabinets. The high level of craftsmanship was achieved by head maker Daren Millman, who in turn directed recent graduate and maker, Matt Duckworth. Incredibly complex in the making, the end result was a pair of subtle, calm pieces. The simplicity of the design really shines as you look closer and notice all of the subtle complexities this piece has to offer.

The drawer fronts were especially interesting for the maker and the end-user. The curvature of the design had to be consistent to flow through the piece but also to function well as a cabinet. Each drawer front panel can be opened with the David Savage ‘wiggle’ design on the front and both cabinets hold a total of four drawers each.

Where the light catches the surface, a wonderful ‘shimmer’ shines in the wood. This was finished with Danish Oil, to complement the subtlety in these cabinets

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