Daniela Table

A Walnut dining table. This piece was made to sit in a particular home, at a particular spot. The intent was to draw the eye to the wonderful piece of sculpture by Annish Kapoor, which sits at the end of the table.

We made this with two pieces of sequential Walnut that married together on the tabletop but were separate. So a wandering line down the centre of the table takes the eye there. The ends of the table were also left as they came from the chainsaw. We cleaned up the marks made by the saw, smoothing and polishing the surface, but the graphics of the cut were left evident in the ends of the tabletop.

It was finished with a high strength marine varnish with oil and genuine turpentine. A process that gives a shine but lets you see the wood clearly, without full gloss. The perfect finish, creating a strong surface for more general use and abuse.

This piece has been created by hand and will be cared for the same way. The marks and the imperfect perfect, illuminating the fact that the maker has put a bit of themselves into the piece, making it unique.

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