Weekend Woodworking Courses

“A lot of this I would never have picked up from books or video”

Years ago when I first started a workshop in Devon I would do weekend courses; I really enjoyed it; meeting lots of different people who came down for a lovely weekend in Devon. I had to stop these courses in the end because I was working during the week and then working all weekend and there is only so long you can keep that up.

However, now Rowden graduate, and fine maker in his own right, Ed Wild is running weekend woodworking classes to enable you guys and gals to get down here and have some fun behind the bench.

Ed is great; a very patient and diligent teacher who I am very happy to recommend to you – whether you are a beginner in woodworking or are looking to develop specific skills as a furniture maker.


Ed Wild - senior tutor at Rowden

This is what Peter Sudworth said about the course


“The course was very good, thank you. Ed is such a good teacher. I learnt everything that I wanted to and now feel that I know how to sharpen my tools and know some basics about how to use them properly. A lot of this I would never have picked up from books or video.

“While practising the various techniques it was so helpful to be able to do something, assess it myself and then check my understanding of it with Ed. Ed also helped me get my old planes flattened and in good working order, which I wouldn’t have managed on my own…

“I had a very enjoyable and inspiring weekend. Please reiterate my thanks to Ed. I hope to come up there again sometime and do another of your short courses.”


– Peter Sudworth

ensuring perfect balance at our weekend woodworking courses

Option 1
Tool Basics: Sharpening Woodworking Hand Tools

You know when your tools are not working well for you. Bring your own tools, and we will show you how to get them working for you. Compare your old bench plane with how one of our planes work, then fix it under our tutor’s guiding instructions.

  • This is a weekend course for you to learn how to sharpen and use chisels.
  • Learn how to correctly setup and use your own bench plane.
  • We can show you how to sharpen the cabinet scraper or use a scraper plane.
  • Learn how to set up and use a marking gauge or a block plane.

To a certain degree, you can tell us what you want to learn; these short weekend woodworking courses are partly bespoke. A two-day taster course costs £360. This provides you with truly focused tuition with, at most, only one or two other like minded souls in the studio.


Option 2
Box Making Course

Look at this lovely little Walnut box. Ed Wild will guide you through the process of making one just like this in only two days across the course of our intensive weekend woodworking classes. Take one home with you to amaze and impress everyone you know, and tell them proudly, “I made this”.

  • A simple solid wood box finished to a nice glowing shine
  • Mitre the corners
  • Fit splines to strengthen the joint
  • Fit bottom and lid into grooves
  • Cut off the lid and plane surfaces to fit
  • Polish all to a soft shellac shine
  • Fit cedarwood liners to hold the lid in place
  • All in best quality Rowden Atelier tradition.

A weekend woodworking course costs £360. To secure a place on one of our weekends, the course fees must be paid in full.


weekend classes finished box

Option 3
Learn to Draw Course

Learning to draw at Rowden not only focuses on developing hand eye coordination but also teaches individuals the importance of truly analysing and seeing the subject that they are portraying. This two day course will take students through variety of exercises aimed at challenging the idea that drawing is a talent; and demonstrate that by retraining the brain to look rather than make assumptions, everyone can learn to draw.

  • Fundamental drawing concepts (everything from how to hold a pencil and draw a
  • straight line to the importance of learning to look and overriding the brain)
  • Exercises to develop fluidity of lines and curves, line quality and directional control.
  • Observation and replication – Learning to see shapes and forms
  • Shading techniques
  • Recognizing the relationships between textures, tone and shadow

A weekend woodworking course costs £360. To secure a place on one of our weekends, the course fees must be paid in full.


Charcoal sticks - life drawing tools

This is what Felipe Serodio had to say:


“I really enjoyed the woodwork course. Thanks for having us and for being flexible around our learning interests.

“Also would like to thank Jon for guiding us during the week.

“Looking forward to starting doing some small pieces of my own.”


– Filipe Serodio

Course Price List

We offer a range of courses to suit all abilities and availabilities:

  • Twelve Month Designer / Maker – £19,950
  • Six Month Designer / Maker – £12,810
  • One Month – £3,486
  • One Week – £870
  • Weekend – £360

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