The Craft Of Cabinet Making Articles

A series of articles written between 1991 and 1995 for “The Woodworker” magazine about the the life of a furniture designer in the old workshop in Bideford Devon

Buying the heavy metal from the dealers

1252 Words - Posted on 4th February 2015
old workshop machine

Last month we discussed the problems with buying machines from auctions. Now don't let me put youoff the idea of buying your machines from auctions. This is certainly the cheapest way to acquire good machines but it does take a lot of personal input ... [read]

The Old Ladies

779 Words - Posted on 2nd February 2015
old workshop machine

I know it is a terribly sexist remark but I do think of the machines in our first workshop as old ladies. Over the years I have had all sorts of lighter weight machines and I have gradually replaced them with either Wadkin or Robinson machines. The ... [read]

Planning out a new workshop floor plan

983 Words - Posted on 2nd February 2015
the inside of the Old Bideford workshop where David Savage first started teaching furniture making courses

Well, I have been and gone and done it this time. It's all very well putting in applications for the bank to loan you large sums of money it is quite another thing to have them accepted. I am sure some of the guys in my workshop think I am off my ... [read]

The foolishness of buying another workshop

951 Words - Posted on 2nd February 2015
the outside of the old workshop in Bideford where David Savage set up his furniture making courses

However, boardrooms are tied in with what I want to talk about which is space. A pile of chair components is quite manageable while it is a pile of chair components, once you put those components together and it changes from a nice neat pile into ... [read]

An introduction to a workshop

735 Words - Posted on 2nd February 2015
a gray building containing the Old workshop where David Savage started his furniture making courses

Around about eighteen years ago I began a series of articles for this magazine entitled "The Craft of Cabinetmaking". This was intended to be a series of straight from the bench technical advice on subjects that were immediately under my nose at the ... [read]

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