Woodworking Articles

Individual articles from various magazines, written by David Savage, which covers woodworking tools. From all of the tool manufacturers out there which one do you go for? Well these articles should help you decide before you commit to anything.

Carbon Steel

2596 Words - Posted on 9th February 2015
David Savage's Chisels

I Know! I Know! when it comes to tools I become a reactionary, disgruntled, old fart, a description for which I, regrettably, can not apologise. When I am asked to review modern woodworking handtools I usually ask the manufacturer "Do you really want ... [read]

Plane Common Sense

2265 Words - Posted on 9th February 2015
back iron

I was 10 years old when I picked up my first plane. It was a wooden hand plane in the school workshop, made with an oiled beechwood body. I remember how heavy it was in my puny arms. But most of all I remember the long silky shavings and the sound ... [read]

Veritas bench planes article

2726 Words - Posted on 9th February 2015
David Savage Bench Planes article

"Are you sure you really want me to do this?" Martin Brown of BriMarc tools had just brought me three shiny Veritas bench planes. They had been hand-picked and sent over from Canada, so I got the idea that they were pretty serious about this ... [read]

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