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Here at Rowden Atelier, we have created a series of teaching DVDs showing you how to set up using all of the necessary hand tools and learning the essential woodworking techniques for furniture making. These DVDs feature some of the best craftspeople in the world showing you how to begin making furniture or other woodwork projects right in your own home.

“Straight from the Saw” is about sawing straight, exactly where you intended to saw, so there’s no cleanup or unnecessary messing around to make the joint fit. Learning to saw is not easy; saws tend to want to go in a place you don’t want to cut, and when the blade wanders off line you begin to think you’ll never get it right.

In this DVD you will learn from master craftsman Daren Millman how to cut accurate dovetails without having to fiddle around with paring pins and filing away at tails to fix mistakes.

Our methods are proven by over 30 years experience in fine furniture making, so you know you can expect expert advice to help you hone your skills. It won’t be instantaneous, but if you follow the steps and methods as we teach here at Rowden Atelier Workshop, you’ll soon find yourself gaining confidence in your abilities, helping you gain speed and making your work better.

If you aren’t satisfied we will give you a full, no quibble, refund.

  • Control – gain control of your dovetails, be able to make those joints really fit.
  • Accurate – saw straight, accurate and quick!
  • Understand your material – geel it through a precisely set up hand saw.
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