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Here at Rowden Atelier, we have created a series of teaching DVDs showing you how to set up using all of the necessary hand tools and learning the essential woodworking techniques for furniture making. These DVDs feature some of the best craftspeople in the world showing you how to begin making furniture or other woodwork projects right in your own home.

In this 30 minute DVD, we will show you the professional way to sharpen edge tools, without using honing guides that are a fiddle and waste time. We teach simple, proven methods that will enable you to put a new edge on a tool fast and efficiently, and to the highest standards.

Learn to sharpen and you’re enabling yourself to gain control of your woodworking tools, master the technique and you’ll get edges with a keenness that will amaze you.

Our method will enable you to create an edge so sharp that, when examined in a bright light, no light will land on that honed edge. You’ll be able to do this in just over a minute, saving time and getting you back to the bench, making.

When we recommend a tool you can be confident that we are giving impartial, unbiased advice, and if you follow our methods you’ll find they are applicable to almost all hand edge tools, chisels and planes of all kinds, as well as spoke shaves, and adzes.

If you aren’t satisfied we will give you a full, no quibble, refund.


  • More Control No honing guides that are a fiddle and waste time.
  • More Satisfaction Enabling yourself to gain control and master your Woodworking tools.
  • Accurate Cuts When examined in a bright light, no light will land on that honed edge.
  • Less Force Do this in just over a minute, saving time, getting you back to the bench.

David Savage

David Savage was a master craftsman and the inspiration behind Rowden Atelier. It is his ideals and his lifetime link with the Arts and Crafts movement, which drives our ethics and our quality. Published author and globally renowned maker in the bespoke luxury furniture business, David sadly passed away at the start of 2019. He is sorely missed, but his articles and his work live on.
David Savage

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