Marples 1.25 Inch Forged Steel Bevel Edged Chisel


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This fantastic forged steel chisel is one of the last, long blade models made by Marples that shows very little wear. The handle is solid boxwood with a nice colour and polish, marked as being previously owned and used by Mr Viney.

We have flattened the back and polished up to 4000 grit on our waterstones. We have then taken the bevel edge to the same 4000 grit, so you are sharpened and ready to go. Look at the fine edges of this blade – very thin beautifully ground, and you will realise that it is quite unlike chisels made by many makers today. This is a good, forged steel blade that will be able to sharpen easily and take a very sharp edge. It will hold that edge longer than modern A0 carbon steel and will be much sharper than A2 steel.

It is a good idea to have one of these in your collection for when a really keen edge is needed.

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