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Here at Rowden Atelier, we have created a series of teaching DVDs showing you how to set up using all of the necessary hand tools and learning the essential woodworking techniques for furniture making. These DVDs feature some of the best craftspeople in the world showing you how to begin making furniture or other woodwork projects right in your own home.

This 60 minute “Piston Fit” drawer making DVD will guide you through the professional methods as taught here at the Rowden Atelier Workshop by master craftsman Daren Millman.

The piston fit drawer is a milestone in your woodworking journey, and this DVD will take you through each step, from making the carcass truly square, to accurately fitting each component, and the all-important final pass with the Benchplane.

Accuracy is the all-important factor in this process, and with our expert advice, you’ll know exactly how accurate you need to be, and where. You’ll know how to spot high points that are catching and ensure your drawers don’t jackknife in their housing. With over 30 years experience behind us, we’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

If you aren’t satisfied we will give you a full, no quibble, refund.

  • Make the joint fit – learn how to make drawers with a “piston fit”
  • More control – you’ll know exactly how accurate you need to be
  • More satisfaction – a milestone in your woodworking journey
  • Accurate cuts – the all-important factor in this process
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