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Here at Rowden Atelier, we have created a series of teaching DVDs showing you how to set up using all of the necessary hand tools and learning the essential woodworking techniques for furniture making. These DVDs feature some of the best craftspeople in the world showing you how to begin making furniture or other woodwork projects right in your own home.

With this 30 minute DVD we aim to give you impartial expert advice on choosing the most appropriate tools for you; getting rid of the pretense of advertising, and explaining which tools we believe are the best, just as we teach on our courses here at The Rowden Workshops, for making sure you get the right tools for the job.

We have no financial obligation to any tool manufacturer, so our advice is independent and unbiased.

In this DVD we show you a small group of hand tools that we know are necessary to begin woodworking and furniture building. These are the tools we advise our students to buy. They are hand planes, chisels, marking out tools, and measuring tools. We show you the brands and types of each plane, and each chisel, that our students have had the most success with.

By stripping out the excessive tools in your tool chest, we believe you will be a faster and more efficient woodworker; having only a limited selection of tools to hand, allowing smooth movement between them, and reducing expenses to only what you really need.

If you aren’t satisfied we will give you a full, no quibble, refund.

  • Choose the best tools for you – not necessarily the most expensive tools.
  • Satisfaction – enjoy the satisfaction of getting the best tools for YOU.
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