The Voice of Rowden

Over the years I have written many thousands of words about what we do here at Rowden . Making, thinking, trying to unite the creative and the practical,  trying to treat one another properly. I am sixty eight this year and planning for the future. So I am working very hard to find good people to take on aspects of what I do at Rowden. This is one of them.

This will not mean that you have heard the last of me.  I have a series coming up based around images taken in the workshops since 1983 of important pieces being made. I spent a part of the Christmas break going through boxes of old pre-digital slides that have given me this lovely cache of images.Coming soon.

This is to introduce Lakshmi Bhaskaran. Lakshmi was a student here at Rowden several years ago.  Before coming here Lakshmi was a design writer, with several books to her name, and a journalist. But like many she wanted to make. After the year with us she hooked up with Jonathan Walter (also a former Rowden student), and together they created Bark Furniture Ltd .

This experience of building a successful, small, creative workshop, and of selling worldwide from their workshop in Cornwall, is an inspiration to our students. Jonathan comes to Rowden weekly to share that business knowledge, and now Lakshmi will be working on the Voice of Rowden – the blogs, the stories of what we are doing, and why we are doing it.

I hope that you enjoy her words as much as I am enjoying seeing this development.


My very best,




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