The View from The Attic

The View from The Attic

That wasn’t mentioned in the job description…………

I have said before that an important part of my role at Rowden is ensuring that we never run out of tea bags and toilet rolls, as well as helping potential students with such things as finding accommodation, checking visa requirements etc. But as I approach my 3rd anniversary here (where did THAT go?) I find myself reflecting on the other things that now seem to have landed on my desk.

Dealing with VAT returns and paying the bills are never going to be high on anyones list of job satisfaction, but there is one part of my day that usually is. And that is taking David’s dog, Layla, for her lunchtime walk.

Even in the cold, wet weather it still brings a smile to my face, to see her unbridled joy as I put my boots on and and reach for her lead is always pretty good. But at this time of year it just gets better and better!

Nature at its best…

We walk through a little nature reserve across the way that is known as Sheila’s Folly.

There is a wide variety of trees, a lovely stream and (Laylas favourite bit) a large lake.

It is lovely to walk there and see signs of spring. The primroses are out and catkins are staring to show on the hazel trees. And before we know it the path through the oldest part of the wood will be covered in drifts of blue as the bluebells start to flower, along with pink campion and the white stitchwort.

Can’t say I will be quite so keen to see the ransom (wild garlic) appear, but we have to take what we are given!


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